I'm doing the Monday Minute!

The public has voted and Ian has a new Co-Host This week!


The Purse Blogger!

As per Usual Monday Minute Routine...
Answer the questions and then link up!

1 - Have you ever lied on one of your Monday Minute answers?
LOL! Who would? If you can't be honest on your blog then why blog?
2 - What is on your bedside table?
My sleeping meds, a glass of water, a lamp, my current book, my netbook, my mints for my tummy, usually some kind of lube or sex-something-or-other, My great-Grandma's doll, and a bouquet of flowers.
3 -Would you rather lose your sight or hearing?
I would rather lose my hearing. I can't imagine not seeing my son grow up!
Not seeing where I was going would be too since I am a major clutz!
4 -Would you rather give up all forms of sexual contact for a year or give up your DVR for three months?
DVR. Especially since all my current fave shows just ended for the season. lol Who could live a year without sex? PLEASE!
5 - Name one thing that you are proud that you've accomplished in life.
Staying married!!! lol Getting married at 17 to someone you only knew 3 months is a bad decision. The fact that we have both stuck it out through the hard spots and are still in love with each other is more than an accomplishment I think!!

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