Such a Weekend!!

Ever have a weekend where you did so much that you are more worn out and need an extra day before the week starts? Well that is us!
Friday night as you all know I was in the ER. I'd had a VERY painful UTI but had not been able to get into my DOC all week and I started to get hot and cold chills and side pain, which could mean it was becoming a Kidney Infection. So Seth rushed me to the ER. Where they ran tests and gave me fun pain meds and then said my Kidney function looked fine! Thankfully all I have is a UTI, albeit a bad one. Must be all the crazy monkey sex. lol So I am drugged up! And I called my INS and changed doctors. So I am set!
Saturday we painted the living room! Seth got up earlier, took my favorite green quilt into Home Depot and got the paint matched to the color of green I wanted. (Yup he's pretty special!)
Then he worked all Saturday helping me paint!
I got a very pretty shade of Sage Green that is more on the Yellow side of the spectrum. I took tons of pics, we did all 3 walls. But in each picture the color looks different! LOL

Here at least you can tell we painted.

Seth putting up his new TV that K&J gave us!

Seth hooking everything up!

The Color done. But not everything put up yet!

It looks dark on this wall.

Oh and I got to work with this lovely thing all weekend cause my RN couldn't put my IV in correctly!

We went to dinner at a friend's house last night and he made us THE best shrimp gumbo.
I felt like I was back in New Orleans!
Then this morning we woke up to a sick baby.
He has a high fever, and is very congested.
So he'll probly be home from school tomorrow.

All in all a busy weekend!
But I love my green living room!
I have some Decals coming that I will be putting up and then doing reviews and giveaways for.
Our living room feels so much bigger and homier now.
But I feel like I need a weekend to recuperate from my weekend! lol
How was yours?

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