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Life As I See It

The Lovely and talented BiPolar Diva has come up with this FUN new meme! And she has graciously asked me to help her with it! Are you following her yet?
The adventures and misadventures of a suburbanite bipolar mom trying to keep it together. These are my experiences of living with bipolar, eight kids, a husband, three dogs, three cats, three Harleys and a tortoise. It's the good, the bad, the ugly and funny of the goings on in my multi-racial, bipolar, chaotic world. The highs, the lows, the very lows and the inspirations of my complex existence.

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My Bubble Thoughts:
-Have you ever gotten a zit on your ear lobe?
Yeah random. But I was putting on an ear ring the other day and saw a little black dot on my lobe. THANKFULLY just a mascara flake.
Bubble thought: Such a weird place for a black head. How many people ritually wash their ear lobes?

-Watchin a GHETTO movie with the hubs and some guy in the movie pours some beer on the ground.
Seth says "Pour some out for one's homies!"
Bubble Thought: WTH!?! You are too white to act that black!

-Saw Seth's boss today. Caden insists on stopping by the office every day because she gives him candy.
She gives him a hard time by calling him "Seth Jr." Then she asks if he wants candy, to which he always says "SURE!" Then she laughs and says "Oh you sound just like your daddy!"
Bubble Thought: Ya and they both have you wrapped around their finger's half the time you greedy wench!

-Found out I have a family member who's pregnant.
Bubble Thought: Yeah...Exactly what you need. Won't that cut into your drunk time?

-Caden's school has a new principle this year.
He is young, latin and single!
So when class lets out you can count the cougars that come skippin in!
Bubble Thought: None. I try so hard not to laugh that I don't have time to think!

Enjoy a short clip from my favorite sitcom! Maybe a line in it will sound familiar!

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