Calling all my PCOS Cysters! And all the rest of you who love me!

Please go to Vista print and vote here:
To help this business win the Make An Impression Contest!


Why should you be selected as the winner?
I would use it to help spread the word about PCOS, prediabetes and diabetes in my community and to the medical professionals. This disease runs high in my area and many of these women are undiagnosed. They don't realize they even have it! By educating these women, it will help save lives, improve quality of life and help their children as well (seen in kids too).

How do you impress your customers?
My clients often tell me they are amazed at how much knowledge I have on the subject and I am more informative then their own doctors.

How do you plan to use the prize package if you win?
I would use it as a full education and awareness campaign. I would have a sidewalk event to give this stuff away and help spread the word.

What else should we know about your business?
My business is completely nonprofit - I never accept any money, not even donations. My sole purpose is to educate and support!

The Contest is almost over!!! PCOS in ConnecTion is tyring to win $10,000 worth of marketing material to help spread the word of PCOS/Diabetes & will have an event with the winnings. Need DAILY-votes to win! Will you vote today? She is the only company listed that never takes in any funds - not even a penny! All her work is for awareness

You don't have to sign up for anything to vote, or pay anything. Just click VOTE!! Although if you are feeling extra loving you could always Click the TWEET or FACEBOOK buttons too!

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