Wow seriously? Random things to rant about.

Yesterday I walked a very hellacious two miles. You can read more about that HERE.
Go ahead....I'll wait....
*Puts lotion on feet.*
*Thinks about eating.*
*Still doesn't eat.*

Ok so since I am not walking I'll do something productive....I'll write a blog.
*Decided a sandwich was needed first.*
HEY! I am trying to eat breakfast and it's only 11 am here so this counts. Kinda.

Right now I am jumping at every FB email I get. Why? Because the Spawn of Satan tried to friend me two days ago. I'm not even kidding. This is the one person that I can say I well and truly hate. And the sad thing is that we used to be best friends. I won't get into how this person hurt me, it's too painful to even talk about. But her lies made it's way to my husband's family, and his home town, and has caused irreparable damage to many relationships we once had. And she has the nerve to friend me on FB.
(Something I wrote about the situation and her.)
Seth and I both made sure we blocked her, and we even deleted the mutual friend we had in common. I have to admit that I had one naughty thought about reporting her as spam and harassment....But that could jeopardize my account....And then I couldn't play MY VINEYARD!!!
Ya...So I am really really really seething about this. I really, truly, honestly, pray....That she gets hit by a bus. (The bus wouldn't be running after that...she's not a tiny person by any means...Cankles the size of large pigs and all...But I find the sacrifice of the bus worth it for the greater good.)

So my blow dryer crapped out. I am severely pissed about this as the little turd tried to take me with it!
I was blow drying my hair when all of a sudden my wrist got shocked and burnt!! The cord came loose from the base of my blow dryer and was shocking/burning me.
Bye bye Mr. Blow Dryer. I am going to contact some blow dryer companies and see if they will send me a free one for some good! Since I can't convince Seth to buy me the new Chi blow dryer that I NEEEEED!

I got an email today from a company that wanted me to do PR for them. They wanted me to do it in exchange for me sharing a discount code with all of my lovely readers. Ya sorry.... Ya'll ain't worth it. I want swag or cash! Which I kindly told her! I am PR friendly...but there are enough companies out there willing to make it worth my while....and this company is a HUGE company. You've seen their O-mazing commercials...Ya. They can afford to throw something my way....And of course, when I emailed her back....I let her know!

Those are my rants of the day so far....

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