Weird Work Day

Caden was with his grandparent's for a few days so I went to work with Seth. Tuesday we had to leave the house at 6 to get down to the San Jose area by 9 am. We were going to do some piping in a Target. Or well fix the hood system piping to work with their new pizza oven in their restaurant.
What we didn't realize was that the new pizza oven was not installed yet. I have the comedy of us installing it in pictures! ENJOY!

The new pizza oven was too wide to fit through their only walkway.
We decided to slide it off it's rolling table and onto the counter.
As you can see we needed more people than just Seth and I!

Seth is the one in the blue shirt and he is standing under the Hood system.
They had to be really careful where they pushed and pulled on this SUPER HEAVY machine.

I forgot to take a picture of what it looked like when we had it done and installed. But you get the idea!
Out of the 7 years that I have done fire safety with Seth this is probly the oddest job I have been on.
The great thing was that the next Target job we did that day had a starbucks in it!!!!

So I got myself a Chai Tea Latte blended with soy milk!
Then we walked around the entire Target store taking care of all of the fire extinguishers.
It's cool cause I get to walk all over Target but it's not cause I don't get to shop.

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