A post about me....Or me and my affair.

In trying to find a picture to fit for my morning post I came accross some pictures about coffee that were so divinely beautiful I want to buy them and hang them all over my kitchen.
Don't believe me? Go to
and look up the word
I bet you will get a caffeine high just looking at them.
I wanted to take my own picture for this post, since I knew in my head what I wanted to see.
But it would have involved making coffee...
then I would have had to drink it...
then I would be in deep regret.

So begins my post on my week and a half with no coffee.
In general I am past the headache's from no caffeine.
I long for the routine and comfort of my coffee.
Smelling it from my bed and letting it draw me to the kitchen.
Pouring it into my favorite cup.
Smelling it deeply, my hands warmed from being cupped around it.
I could smell coffee all day.
Smell it as if I was drinking it in through my nose.
Then that first, hesitant sip.
It's like the lure and mystery of a first kiss every morning!
Followed by the marriage act of coffee drinking....
I sit on my butt and drinks gobs of it while reading all of your lovely posts!

As I'm sure you all can tell...
But my ulcers have not had one flare up since I gave it up.
I am still drinking the cabbage juice. It's not horrible.
It's just not coffee.
Stay tuned for another post or two from me. For as usual...This is not all she wrote!!

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