Sunday, August 22, 2010

I need a few Naughty Girls!!!

Life gets us all and usually our Blogs are pushed to the sidelines. It happens!
Because of this I have lost two of my hostesses!
While they can never be replaced, their naughtiness knows no bounds, I do need some help with Hosting the Naughty List! I will need you to post your list EVERY WEDNESDAY!
Please email me at if you are interested!

(There was someone who emailed me, asking me to if you could help out and I have lost your email!!! Please get back to me! I would LOVE your help!)


Christy said...

I would soooo love to help you out but I'm not really that naughty. If I were, I'd be right there. I could host, but I'm just not that naughty and I don't know that I an change overnight. Oh yeah, I'm 47 now so it isn't likely to happen. I love reading your posts! :)

Southern Sage said...

I'm a naughty bastard but being beautiful and a genius and naughty does not make me reliable. Sigh.

Crazy Brunette said...

We are irreplaceable huh?

Kimberly said...

Hey Hun! I would love to help you host this hop every week... I'm awake most of
the time anyway!
All the best,

Aimee said...

my naughty list is up!!!!

i'd love to help ya out!!!
email me... email is in my little name dealio..
i'm kinda naughty.. pretty naughty..
hell i'm naughty...

Aimee said...

i should add that i tried to email ya and it came back to me!! aahhh you can email me at coreynaimee1997 at gmail dot com
drop me a line girlio. ;)