Review and Giveaway: OREGON CHAI

Look what showed up at my house yesterday! I was so psyched I couldn't contain myself!

Ok, as many of you know I have been off coffee for a month now due to health issues. It has been a very hard thing to do! I love the comfort of my hot coffee every morning! One day, while grocery shopping with a caffeine headache I happend to see Oregon Chai, and my mind wandered:
I was 15. My best friend was 19. I thought she was so cool, waitressing at a B&B. One day we went to go pick up her check and she brought us two milky looking drinks. I was sceptical. But I wanted to be cool like my friend so I tried it. Instantly I was hooked! The spices warming my body, warm milky goodness comforting me like my favorite blanky.
Instantly I snatched up 3 boxes and headed home! Since I am lactose intolerant I mix mine with Soy milk, which makes it taste a little sweeter. But it was still the same comforting drink!
It tastes like drinking a spiced pumpkin pie. The Proof is in the sipping!
You WILL be hooked. It's just the truth!

Chai? Um, what?

That'd be "ch" + "eye" and you've got yourself chai. It's a rich, creamy blend of black tea, honey, vanilla and spices. It's a lot like a latte (minus the coffee, of course).

Oregon Chai's particular brand of is essentially: ancient Himalayan recipe meets traditional American palate. And voilĂ ! Sweet, spiced, soothing Oregon Chai Tea Latte. Enjoy it hot or iced, morning or evening, summer or winter, alone or with friends.

So how do you brew Oregon Chai Tea Concentrates?

Easy. Choose whatever flavor of Oregon Chai Tea Latte Concentrate you like best. They offer The Original™, Slightly Sweet Original, Sugar-Free Original, Caffeine-Free Original, Vegan Original, Matcha Green Tea and Vanilla. Then mix equal parts concentrate and milk or soy and you've got yourself a sweet, spiced, creamy cup of chai. You want it hot? Heat the mixture via stovetop or microwave. Prefer it cold? Pour the mixture over ice.

And how about Oregon Chai Tea Mixes?

Just add 8 oz. of hot water to the contents of a dry mix packet and enjoy a cup of Oregon Chai Tea wherever you are. Another option? Mix two tablespoons from the Oregon Chai canister with 6 to 8 oz. of hot water—whatever you prefer. Either way, feel free to add a little milk or soy if you're in the mood for a creamier experience, or add ice if you like your chai cold.

Their chai tea mixes are all-natural and free of preservatives or additives. Choose from dry mix packets in The Original™, Slightly Sweet, Vanilla or Sugar-Free flavors, or enjoy a more customizable experience of The Original from their 10-oz. canister.

I love the original Oregon Chai Tea Concentrate, mixed with Soy milk and ice!
My husband prefers the Original dry mix packet, with soy milk, and heated in the microwave!

No review would be complete without including their own story!
You won't regret reading this amazing tale!

How to get your own Oregon Chai:
Go HERE and buy it.
Or Follow these simple steps to win your own kit, similiar to mine, from Oregon Chai!

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