Friday, August 6, 2010

Come do the group therapy! All the cool kids are.

Hello lovers!
Get it all off your chest now!
Something made you spittin mad, but you held your tongue this week?
Group Therapy starts now with
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Here are mine:
1. Fawk you to breakfast!
I hate cooking breakfast, But I need to eat it! And being lactose intolerant
and a hater of all things oatmeal it really slims down my choices.
2. Fawk you to my son's energy level!
Why must he be bouncing off the walls when I am falling asleep standing up?
3. Fawk you to people who know how to make a profit by screwing someone else over!
Some of you might remember that our Apt Manager "accidentally" had our car towed.
Well she wouldn't budge on helping to pay for it, and she made the towing company so mad
that they didn't want to deal with anyone on it.
I finally had to go work my magic, and some southern charm,
and got them to work with us!
Although now I have to find a way to pull $600.00 out my butt!
But since nothing but sunshine comes from out of there anyways maybe I can sell it!

That's it for my venting this week! Ya'll link up!
And post your own list!


Nikki said...

I'll be posting mine later tonight!

You know there are things like eggs of any kind,toast with jam, cereal with soy milk (which is better than you'd think), fruit, frozen pancakes/waffles...there are lots of options that doesn't include dairy or if it does there are all kinds of substitutes now that are just as tasty.

Mary Catherine said...

Better late than never :) Stopping over to follow from Welcome Wednesday! I also like you on facebook!

I love egg whites with veggies for breakfast! I actually perpare them on sunday and put them in ind. baggies! Then I pull them out each morning. It's a mega time savor!