Thursday, August 12, 2010

All I want for my Bday is You!

Life As I See It

Today I am 25!
My only special plan is to watch the meteor shower tonight with my son, and drink some margaritas!
(Wanna know more about my meteor shower, click HERE!)
I made it to 199 followers today! And I am super stoked!
But I want to reach 200.
All I'm asking is if on one of your blog posts today you post my button and send me a follower.
It's all I want!
Thanks so much!

And thanks to Nanny, AKA The Naughty Mommy

For my uber sexy new Award! I will wear it with pride!
Now all I gotta do is give this award to 5 of you Naughty ladies:
Check out her naughty list and you'll agree with me~
You don't wanna mess with this chick!
She has gone skinny dipping, Bungee jumping and plays in the mud!
She's sarcastic, she's rebellious and she has a nice rack!
She likes to run around the neighborhood naked, pretending she's being attacked by spiders. LOVE HER!

Post this sexy button on your blog and send it to 5 other hotties!


Singlemama said...

WootWooot Happy birthday!!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday and make me 201 follower.... Christy sent me over

Dutchess said...

Happy Birthday Miss C.

Thanks for my award too bitch. Next time I run naked through the neighborhood, I will proudly display your kick ass award.

Nikki said...

Thanks for the award!! MWUAH'S

Wish I could have been there for you're birthday.