Wanna know how I know I'm awesome?

You're probly thinking:
"You're just awesome. I don't need a reason for what I already know."
And truth be told there is more than one reason.
However I have the bestest of reasons, it's the number one reason.
No one can top this reason.
Which makes me Awesome beyond belief.
I was born on August 12th.
(Those of you quick on the draw realize that's in just over a day from now.)
Why, you are now wondering, is August 12th so special?
Is it cause Cleopatra killed herself on this date? NO!
Is it cause Sir Mix Alot was born on this date? Not even close. Although it does make him almost as awesome as me.
It is because....
(Drumroll please...)
August 12th is the peak day for a Meteor Shower.
This meteor shower started on July 23 and will go until August 24. As it does every year. But it's peak day, the day that is known as THE best day to see shooting stars, around 60 shooting stars a minute,  is August 12th!
I was born in amongst a sea of shooting stars.
That just makes me awesome.
If you would like to know the super cool technical stuff you can check out the Yahoo News Article Here.
So on this day, I try to get as far from the bright lights of the city as possible. I pack some booze and I drink and try to count how many Shooting Stars I see. This is my night. And I look forward to it every year.
So on Thursday night, August the 12th, look up and see what you can see.
Bet ya anything, when you see a shooting star, you'll think of me!

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