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I chose to do number 4
4. The craziest reason I ever got in trouble as a child.

If you have never met my parents or have never read very far into my blog then you can't begin to comprehend how nuts they are. And it has nothing to do with our religious beliefs as many believe. I have heard my whole life that my parents were not normal, and my first step-dad is a special kinda crazy
So for my story:
I was 12. And had just gone to my first sleep over! We had such a great time and then my BFF's mom decided to take us to the mall. Now our mall was a tiny little thing with 4 corridors. A Target, JCPenneys, and a Gotschalks. Surprise to me when the mother pulls up to the front entrance of the mall and drops all 6 girls off. I had never been to the mall without a parent! And I was the youngest out of all the girls I was with. They told me I would be fine. About an hour later I was not fine. My mother, looking like a blonde hurricane, came running through screaming my name. She had called the Sleepover's house and found out we had been dropped off. (Apparently she had been coming to get me anyways.) She had a look on her face that instantly silenced all of my friends. (THANKS GUYS!) As I tried to stumble through why I didn't put my foot down and tell them I could not go to the mall without an adult, why I didn't call home, and why didn't I demand the mother to take me home the second she I had seen she was dropping us off. I, of course, was unable to say anything to satisfy my mother and was subsequently dragged out of the store by my arm with threats of the punishment to come.
Hold on!
That's not all folks. Not by a long shot.
(This really should go down in history as the stupidest reasons to punish a kid!)
My parents had been trying to find me because some family friends had called, wanting to take us out wakeboarding on their boat. So off we went to the lake.
When it was my turn the husband gave me a pair of gloves to wear so that I could hold on longer. When I finally did slip off the gloves did too! (I still have the worlds smallest hands!!!) And I lost one glove to the bottom of the lake. My parents were so furious! I sat at the front of the boat the rest of the trip (Which was hours) Not allowed to swim, for losing that glove. My mom sat with me part of the time telling me how dissapointed she was with me. The family friends couldn't understand the problem. It was no big deal to them! And instead of my parents manning up and telling them I was in trouble and why. They told them that I was being sulky for getting into trouble earlier in the day and not to speak to me.
When I got home that night I got spanked with a belt, and then grounded for 4 months. Allow me to explain what grounded in my family means:
  • No Tv or movies.
  • No Radio or Music of any kind.
  • No phone calls. Not even answering the phone when it rings.
  • I not only do all of my chores, but every one else's plus extras on the weekends.
  • Not allowed to read books other than for school work.
  • I was not allowed to leave the house on the weekends except for our religious meetings. But when I got their I had to sit and not talk to anyone, and after it was over I had to sit and not talk to anyone.
  • I had to get up at 4 am and roll the newspapers my mother delivered and then go and help her deliver them.
  • And I had to work to buy a new pair of gloves to replace the one I lost.
That last one sucked the most. It took me 2 months to make the 40 dollars to go and buy the  new gloves. (Which was GOBS of money to me then.)  And when I gave them to the family they laughed and told me they didn't need them. The husband was a semi pro dirt bike racer and companies gave him free ones all the time. They went into a bin with a hundred others.
As Seth says, this is not the stupidest thing I ever got into trouble for. But it's the one that sticks in my mind the most.
Oh and just as an update, my parents both still feel everything that day was valid.

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