TV Time Thursday! Link up.

Once again I'm being bad and admitting I watch TV! OMG!
Welcome to my second TV Time Thursday! Which will be extended till tomorrow since I forgot it! LOL YES I'M BAD!!!

Ok this week I'm talkin about HELL'S KITCHEN! Keepin it short... Fran needs to go. I do not like her, she is not competant enough, and she is too stupid to know it. Siobahn..while I don't think she would have won, I wanted her to stay just to show up Benjammin. HE IS EVIL!! Ugh I don't like him.
Enclosed find my fave clip. The red team had one too many people so they had to leave out a sandwich to be judged. Benjamin kept Siobahn out. To break the tie Ramsey tried her sandwich and said it was BETTER than Fran's. HA! SUCK IT! But then later Benjamin, who had not tried the sandwich, told her that in HIS professional opinion it was horrible and so was she. Apparently his opinion counts more than Ramsey's. At the end Siobahn was voted off. SUPER GAY!

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