Mama Kat's Losin It Weekly Writing Assignment.

This is the first time I have done
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I chose # 2.
Write a Poem about a memory you sometimes wish would disapear.
(I choose not to discuss the memory.)

With a wink and a smile you sauntered off.
So cool and confident.

Did you really think you had it all figured out?

I'm not as simple minded as you assumed.

But I'm glad you felt safe for awhile.

It will make this hurt all the more so!

Did you really think I would let you go?

Let you rip through us like a storm and then

not call you to account for your actions?

I picked up the thread and fit the pieces together.

But you stopped thinking for a moment and that's

where I caught you.

I always loved your haughtiness, foolishly believing that parts of it were a clever act. But now I see why it was a quality I never cared to cultivate. It tripped you up.

It made you believe you could sweet talk your way out of the horrors you caused.

Now you think I should care? No.
I'm losing my mind and my life over you-So I'll buy front row seats to watch you lie face first in the ground, drowning.

The loathing and fear I carry for you eats at me daily

-No place to hide-

I just close my eyes and wish you gone.

You have made me unable to trust.

Unable to find joy in any memory where you hovered.


You have destroyed all that I worked for.

And only because you feel I stole your seat in the game.

But I didn't even know you were playing.

I wish rain to consume you and drag you down to the balmy depths

-Tree roots drinking your essence and trapping you until I am just a memory.

When did you decide I was expendable?
Had you built yourself up so high in your own mind that you were blind to the fact that I was the only link to all the you lusted for? It must have been a shock to discover that even when some lies were believed you still were not loved.

I hope it HURT!!!

I hope a chunk of you died a horrible screaming death. Burning slowly in the Hell of your mind.

All those broken promises to me are just one more shackle that will slowly strangle the life out of you.
I hope you're scared. I hope you try to run, only to be dragged back choking.
And to help you get through this...remember this one you die slowly....
I will live. Perfectly. And without you.

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