I didn't fall!!! I attacked the ground! WACHA I'm a ninja!

......No actually I'm not. Sadly I'm no where near that cool.
But I did make you giggle!!
Today is Wednesday, and the last day of June. Does a month fly by as fast if you're a ninja?
Today and tomorrow are my rest days. Kinda. Friday Caden goes to his grandparents house. His Bella (What he calls his grandmother. Which is not as cool as being called a Ninja.) said  she'll be here in the morning to come get him. Which means I'll be lucky if she is here before one. (Ninja's are probly punctual. Even if they do stop to break up a street gang.) I was hoping I would get a few days off from being a mom..But I get one. I'm desperate though, so I'll take anything.
(Ninja kids probly rock.) 
My house is gonna be ripped a part though!
(Shredded, like with a ninja sword!! Which is called a Katana. HA! See I could be a ninja! No....Not even a little.)
Closets, cupboards, toy boxes...and everything will be attacked with Bleach!! I'm kind of excited! Yes I know...I'm weird. (Not ninja cool.)

I'm having two conversations as I write this.  One with Nikki about kids and one with Brett about life and having faith.
Talking to Brett is making me feel like I'm kicking a puppy.
(Ninja's don't kick puppies.)
Nikki and I are just whining about our kids.
(Do ninja's have kids?)
But I'm ready to go back to sleep.
Today will not be awesome.
(Not like a Ninja's day at all.)

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