What I meant to Say Wednseday # 2. It's time to just let it all out!


Welcome all to my Second What I Meant To Say Wednesday! Hosted by Brittany and Angel.
It's time to post all of those mean nasty things that you held in all week when REALLY you had something unpleasant to say.
Ok so I need to think really hard about which ones to post as I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings! lol My blog is growing with personal friends since I decided to get brave!

1) To my husband's boss when she said We should have told her that was our car before it was towed and I just smiled and nodded. WHAT I MEANT TO SAY WAS:
You're only half right. Seth has worked for you for over 2 years and we have had the same car, and you knew it was broken AND you told us where to park it. So you evil wench, pay attention next time, and pay the fine yourself and give me my car back.

2) To the guy on Sunday who asked me if I wanted to play Catcher at the Softball game and I just smiled and said Yes sir. WHAT I MEANT TO SAY WAS:
ARE YOU CRAZY?!?! I'm the lone girl playing Softball with 18 men!! And I have no Catchers gear or experience! I will be brusied and broken thanks to my Lack of Experience/Nearly None- Depth Perception! And I REFUSE to chase after any bunted balls, so consider yourself the team runner! HA!

3) To a person on FB who posted on the front of my FB page "Your wedding photos are gorgeous." And I just said "Oh I'm sorry that's not me." WHAT I MEANT TO SAY WAS:
You must be stupid, inbred, and blind to think that there are wedding photos of me on FB. There is one Album with photos from A wedding. But those are clearly marked "Kevin and Jenna's Wedding." Thanks SO much for rubbing it in that I never wore the White dress on a day that's already bad! Now I'm gonna go and find a bottle of booz and cry myself to sleep. So lovely to catch up with you!

Hope you all got a laugh! Can't wait to read yours!

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