Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy First Day of Summer and Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today, June 21st/2010, is the Summer solstice, First Day of Summer, the longest day of the year, AND my 7 Year Wedding Anniversary.
7 years.
All I can picture is those two stupid kids we were, saying our vows at 4 am to the justice of the peace in Vegas.
When I look back at my life as a whole piece it seems very empty. So many people have come in and out of my life. No one has ever stayed long enough.
I know how to push people away. And I knew that Seth would leave me at some point. So I didn't fully let him in. I knew that if I kept myself one carefully measured step back, that when he left it wouldn't hurt so much. I didn't ever realize that by keeping him out I was actually pushing him away. It broke my heart the day I realized he wasn't leaving me, that I was shoving him out the door. And it's been one of the hardest lessons I have learned.
I remember feeling distraught when we admitted to each other that we were not the people the other one needed. And feeling very scared when we decided to try to make it work anyways. Seth is not perfect. But when he decided to change he really did it. And in promising to follow his lead I have made changes too. And slowly we are turning ourselves into the person that the other one needs. It's been a hard 7 years. But I am glad to have gone through it with someone who will fight as hard as I do. And who is still able to surprise me with new things about himself.
In some ways I can even say that my disease has helped us in growing closer. It's made me lean on him and ask help from him in ways that I never would anyone else. And I can honestly say that if I ever lost him I would be a broken woman.
When I left my home my parents told everyone how much happier they were without me. That I made them miserable. 7 years and Seth is happy. Even on the days when I am a huge pain in the ass, he still loves me. He has been by my side longer than anyone else I know. lol he holds the record! And all he has ever told anyone else is that I have made his life better. That heals my heart.
7 years. We have packed so much life into 7 years that I am not sure what else is out there for us!
Happy Anniversary Seth. Thank you for the last 7 years.

Pictures: Above=The front of my Card from Seth.
Scenes from seeing Wicked in SanFrancisco! Seth bought me The Grimmerie!!!
Visiting with my BFF Shanna saturday night!!! She is here from North Carolina.


Mrs. Mother said...

Happy anniversary. I am now following you. My anniversary is Saturday, but we've been married for 12 years.

I hope you will follow me, too.

Untypically Jia said...

New follower here from the Blog Hop. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I were very young when we got married as well, high school sweethearts that didn't know a thing about the real world. We're on years six as we speak. Congrats to you!

bambie said...

Happy anniversary!☺

I'm your newest follower. Visiting you here from FMBT.☺

Laina said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! BTW, I saw Wicked a few months ago and LOVED it! said...

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Brandy said...

Happy Anniversary! Now following from Follow Me Back Tuesday.

Kristina Lynn Hudson said...

This is beautiful. So happy for you. Happy belated Anniversary to you.

Melissa said...

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Happy Tuesday!

Kristin Morris said...

Hey there! Just found your blog through FMBT! Love it!! Happy belated anniversary! I am now your newest follower! ::Kristin::

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

Happy Happy Anniversary! New follower in the house from FMBT! So glad to be here, hope you'll return the favor!

Lost of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

-MissC* said...

Thank you so much for all of your well wishes!!! And follows! I looked at all of your blogs and followed some of you. I am kind of picky and I follow back the blogs I know I will enjoy reading AND commenting on! Because when I follow a blog I want to be active. If I didn't follow you, send me an email and let me get to know you better, or you can leave I suppose. It's up to you!
Can't wait to get to know you all though!

~J said...

AWWWWWWWWWWW! Happy anny love!