Pity Party

I am having a Pity Party today.
On of my oldest friends is moving out of state. Well across the country actually. It's hit me pretty hard....which is a little odd.
We don't talk everyday, or even hang out often. (She does live about 2 hours away.) But I feel...less tethered with her gone. I hadn't realized what an important part she played in my life. Typical.
All of my friends from my childhood pretty much disconnected from me when their parents realized how crazy my home life was. I don't even have pictures from before I was 17. And with not having my family to be with, I really rely on what friends I do have to keep me tethered.
Shanna was my husband's friend. I fell in love with her the moment we met. She became like a sister to me. And we have stayed close the last 7 years.
Now that she is leaving it really hits home how lonely I am.
Good Lord it's really no wonder that I have depression!
If you don't have family, or friends to reminisce with about "old times" it's almost like you don't exist.

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