To go or not to go. Such is the question.

So there is a party this weekend. A party I have been waiting months for. And now it looks like I won't be going.
150 people or more that I know. DANCING! A confetti cannon. A DJ. A professional photgrapher. Strobe lights... Yeah this party is gonna have it all. And it's being hosted in a very good friend of mine's barn behind her house. The reason why I probly won't be going..... The hostess' siblings are the ones hanging out with Paul.
Yeah The Paul.
And Seth and I have been cutting them out. No hanging out with them at all. So does that include the party? Seth thinks the party in general will just be a bunch of drama. All I can see is feelin sexy and dancing my booty off! (Hey...I'm a SAHM. This party will be the most fun I have had in months. Especially cause kids are not invited!!) I WANT TO GO!!!!!! I just bought the cutest pair of white capris and found This Shirt and These Shoes. Talk about lookin schmecksay! And I love to dance too.... ~Big Sigh~
But I know that Seth doesn't want the drama and he won't want to spend the money on new clothes.
And the thought of sitting at home Friday night while pretty much everyone I know is at the dance.... I pretty much want to cry. lol Stupid I know...but like I said....I get out of the house and see other people only on weekends, So this is really dissapointing to me.
That and Seth has not made up his mind yet. I wish he would decide one way or the other!!! The anticipation alone is killing me.

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