Ok I am in a seriously crazy mood. I'm jittery. And I don't want to sit still!!! I have ideas runnin through my head like lightning bolts. I don't want to sit still!!!
1:59 pm. K Just did 10 minutes of jumping jacks. Sorry Nik...forgot to tell you where I went.
You don't understand!!!! I eat protien and coffee every morning, do I have energy? NEVER!!! I take the Metformin and all of a sudden I can go and go and go. I have as much energy as all of you, I just feel like I'm on crack since usually I have no energy. IT'S SO SO SO SO SO GREAT!
Get a giggle out of my pic above? That was Monday night, a few vicodin in. Poor Seth, I was so loopy and kept bugging him.
My child is seriously picking the wrong day to screw with me too. His favorite phrase is "Didn't you know that?" As in "Hey mom I already let the dog out, didn't you know that?" No, you little booger eater I didn't, which is why I asked you to let them dam dog out in the first place!!! Or he is "Debating" with me on which shows to watch.
"Mom do you know what show comes on after Fresh Beat Band?"
No but I bet you're gonna tell me.
"Sponge Bob Squarepants."
"I decided he's ok for me to watch now."
HA! Fat Chance buck-o!
"He's funny mom. So I think it's ok."
Well I don't think it's ok so no you're not.
"I decided."
You're 4. You don't get to decide.
"FINE! Then I'll never get to watch Sponge Bob ever again in my life!!"
Good you little drama queen!
(No offense if you let your kid watch Sponge Bob...Just not appropriate for my kid.)

I do feel bad. Kinda. It's raining off and on here so he can't play outside. He played my DSi this morning w/o asking so ONCE AGAIN he is banned from touching it. And his shows are over for the day.
Actually...I don't feel bad at all. There is a room full of toys...go have fun!

Oh I want some advice from all of you lovely bloggers!
I want to know where you get your layout/button/personalized blog header from?
I want to get something similiar for myself!
Also... What are the funniest blogs that you read? I want something to entertain me.
Do you do adsense? Or make money in some way off your blogs? How?
And Do you use Twitter? Does it help with your blog?

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