Ok. But I won't do that!

The first 6 months I was pregnant I lost 17 pounds due to morning sickness. Once my doctor put me on medication to control it I gained 27 pounds. The few weeks after I delivered Caden I lost 20. I was mostly back into my old clothes! But then my body went haywire. Losing that last 7 pounds became harder and harder as my whole body started to gain weight. I was on a really strict diet to help with Caden's colic but I kept gaining. My milk dried up, and I kept gaining. I walked every day...kept gaining. Caden was almost 2 when a doctor finally diagnosed me. On of the worst things about PCOS aside from the fact that my body stores everything I eat instead of using it is the cravings!!! I have wanted cookie dough so bad that I could actually taste it! And then cried because I didn't have any. I have cught myself walking out the door to by chocolate, keys in hand, only to realize that I was in my PJ's and remember my car doesn't work, and I had no clue how I got outside. It's scary.
The last two years my weight has gone up and down, toying with my first set of 20 pounds that won't stay away. We eat healthy. Rarely eat out. Eat fruits and vegtables everyday. NO SODA. I only drink water and lots of it. We eat salads regularly. We are even active people.
I have been active and thin my whole life. Cheerleading, swim team, track, riding horses, raquetteball, hiking.... Anything and everything to stay active I did it.
Now it's so hard. Even if I do have a good pain free day there isn't much I can do. I don't live in a safe enough area to walk or run in. No parks nearby. Can't afford the gym or at home gym equipment. It's tough!
SO... My husband got P90X. Watching this video last night made my tummy hurt. But we're gonna do it! I do love to work out and I can do it all day! I want to get a Wii too so that I can do Wii fit with Nikki.
1. I'll eat healthy. 2. I'll work out.
But there are some things I won't do!
1. I won't count points. Sorry Nik, just not me.
2. I will cut down on portions but I won't starve myself. I'm a southern girl, if we're hungry we eat.
3. I won't cut out foods I want. If eating baby carrots doesn't kill my sugar craving....I'll have some sugar.
4. I won't keep a food diary. That feels too much like letting food control my life. I did that as a teenager and ended up with bulemia. It's just not for me.
5. I won't buy diet food.
6. I won't use diet cookbooks. I get low fat recipes from Nikki, but only the ones that I liked. I don't use cook books I general because I hate to measure. I follow low fat cooking guidelines, but I use my own recipes.

Simple rules that I follow:
-No Soda.
-Water is always Ice Cold. (Your body burns calories warming the water up when you drink it.)
-Stop to stretch 3 times a day for 10 minutes.
-Get at least ten minutes of sun a day around noon. (Helps you sleep)
-Get enough sleep.
-As little as possible prepackaged meals. I do have mac and cheese for Caden, pizza rolls for snacks when the boys are here, and frozen burritos. Otherwise NONE!
-I keep healthy snack foods around that I can eat all day long. Pretzels, yogurt raisins, craisins, activia, and yoplait whips. (Those whips are so yummy and you can sit and savor them slowly!!! OMG DELISH!)
-I keep chocolate in the house where I can see it. Ok here is my weird thing.... if It's not in the house I freak out. And then I need to have it. If it's in the house then when I want sugar I go and I look at it and I tell myself  "Ok it's here. But I don't need it yet. I'm still ok." Usually then the craving passes. Yes I'm weird. I know.
-We don't really eat red meat. We bbq pork. Use ground turkey instead of ground beef. And eat plenty of chicken.
- 2 or 3 times a week we eat salad for dinner. We have HUGE bowls for salads. We load them with our favorite veggies, cottage cheese, and then chicken. And we don't skimp on chicken. Then I make my own ranch dressing. Tastes better than the bottled stuff and I can make it fat free. SCRUMPTIOUS!

That's all I can think of right now. But I am curious....
1. What is your favorite diet food?
2. What's your favorite form of exercise?
3. What are your little diet tips?
4. What healthy things do you do as a family?
5. Any suggestions for me and my weight loss?

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