Doin the Naked Barbie Dance.

I want to thank Joann at Laundry Hurts My Feelings For giving all of her readers this award!!!
So, now I am supposed to name five characters that I would do the above Barbie pose with. It is not about the actors themselves, but the characters they portray.
YES!!!! (Nikki...Are you in heaven yet? Cause I am!!!)

1. Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity

I just wanna lick him till he melts under me like honey. And spank his little tush when he's bein a smartass!
2. Matthew Mcconaughey in Sahara
This movie was written by one of my favorite authors, Clive Cussler. I loved seeing Dirk Pitt come alive in Matthew's opaline green eyes!

3. Taye Diggs as Sam Bennett in Private Practice
This man is just HOTT with a capitol H.O.T.T.
He gets to make out with the uber sexy Kate Walsh. (Click on her won't regret it!!)
He is married to the exceptionally talented Idina Menzel. (Another link you'll be happyyou clicked on.)
Plus this man can sing! This is a clip from RENT.
When I watch him each week on Private Practice all I can think about is making him sing!

4. Channing Tatum in Dear John
I Just want to kiss him.
Plus the music video for the movie is so good. Can't get enough of this song!!! Dear John.

Saved the best for last!!!

Oh you delicious hunk of man you!!!
Every time I see this spot in Fast and Furious 1 It turn me on!!!

The only one I left out was Taylor Lautner....and well that's just child porn.
So I pass this fun little award onto all 42 of my readers! I want to know which characters you find bumpable, humpable, lickable and kissable.

I want to give a bit more credit to Joann. She is very much so worth the time reading. She might make you pee yourself laughing.
Laundry Hurts My Feelings

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