Summer time, and the livin's easy.

Hello darlings!
Yes I know that it is not summer yet. (Summer oficially starts on June 21st. Which I know because that's my 7 yearweding anniversary!)
But today feels like the most perfect summer day! It says it's only 68 degrees but the sun is so warm on my skin!! Every so often a light breeze blows over me and brings me the scent off the honey suckle right outside my gate. I am sittin on my front porch in shorts and a tuve top soaking up every ray I can get. As you can see from my pic of my netbook and toes!
I'm enjoying my last few hours before Caden comes home. I have to admit that I am fairly good at reveling in my alone time. 
I am queen of the tub. Soapy bubbles, bath oils, good book, candles, booze of some sort, light music. Oh joygasm in my mind just picturing it!!!
Today I slept in, mostly due to the new pills, watched the tv I can't watch when munchkin is home, ate some cookies, drank the whole pot of coffee, And now I'm languishing in the sun ight!
So tell me....How do you spend your baby free time?
Giv me all the luscious details ladies! I want to feel like I'm there with you!

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