That's it! I'm just going to admit it!!!

I'm in a pissy ass mood today.

I have had a couple of subjects in my head the last few days. And today is just gonna be a bitch blog.
So here comes drama and some foul language. Buckle up.

As some of you might remember we let a Couple live with us for roughly 7 months last year. We kinda knew them. They were wihout a home, jobs etc. They lived with us rent free, bill free and we also provided food. And of course...we got screwed. In more ways than one.
It got to the point where we asked them to move out. They bounced around living with other people, Eventually broke up. And we took the guy back. Once again it was not supposed to work out like that, and it was only supposed to be temporary. While I was with Nikki out of state Paul decided to cause drama between some of my friends that he knew. So when I got back and found out I wanted him gone. Which caused more issues and one of the things he did in retaliation is threaten me. He is still causing drama with my friends and after multiple times of Seth and I talking to them and another close friend trying to reason with them, they have chosed to stay friends with him. So I have started cutting them out. They are gone from my Facebook, and we are not hanging out with them anymore. They don't seem to get it!!!
Ok so some of the things Paul has done or that he is the only person who would have/ could have:
1. When I came back from visiting Nikki one shoe from all ten of my high heeled shoes is missing.
I am missing half of every pair of high heeled shoes!!!
I don't even know anyone with my size shoe. One of those pairs was an expensive gift from my mother in law. Childish right? Oh and trust me...I live in a tiny 2 bedroom apt that I have torn upside down more than once looking. They are not here.
2. He shut off our Internet Thursday.
When Paul and his gf were living with us They wanted Cable and internet. So they ordered it. And of course couldn't pay for it. So when they moved we kept it. Which wasn't a big deal because our Cable Provider messed up the name on the bill.
(I'm gonna use a fake name here.)
So if Paul's name on the bill was Paul Smith, the bill said Paul Spish.
Then the bill changed again to Spish Spish.
No idea why!!! But since the put the bill under my phone number it wasn't that big of a deal.
Anywho SOMEONE who knew that our billing name was Spish Spish and that it was under my phone number called our Cable provider on Thursday and cancelled our internet.
Well that backfired on him cause we called them, turned in the equipment, told them what happened. And not not only will Paul be stuck with the bill, but we got a better deal on the Cable.
lol Suck it bitch!
3. This last one I am most mad about.
A few months ago while at work Paul got hit by a Durango...or so he claims. You can't beleive anything he says. And SUPPOSEDLY he was coughing up blood but he refused to go to the hospital. Yeah. Anywho one of our friend's took a picture of a Durango and posted it as "Paul's best friend." I had commented on it...MONTHS AGO. Paul commented on it this weekend. Trying to get a rise out of me I'm sure.

You know...for all of the love, time and Money I put into Paul I'm not mad that he said it. I'm mad that NONE of my friends said anything about it. NONE. To some extent I can understand why Seth didn't say anything, because Paul was looking for a fight from him or me. But since Seth rarely stands up for me, I'm not satisfied at all with his excuse.
So I deleted pretty much every mutual friend who knows of the situation and yet is still friends with him. Because at this point they are choosing to be friends with him. And I'm not ok with that.
Seriously...we have proven this guys has lied over and over again...and they still believe him. And then choose to say I am lying. Or that I am just jealous because he wasn't interested in me. Yeah. An ex gang member, wannabe thug. That's my type all right.
Anywho...The next thing I am pissy about...well... It's going into my next blog post! STAY TUNED!

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