Come on Baby..Link up with me and Fawk You Friday!

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1. Fawk you disc in my back that keeps slippin out. I'm gonna show you by puttin on sexy high heels and dancin all night!
2. Fawk you Paul for thinkin you could ruin my good time. I am going to that party, which you are not allowed to attend, and I am gonna dance my ass off. Ya know? That one's really more of a Fuck You. HAHA! Neener neener and a fuck you too asshole!
3. Fawk you sun for not coming out today. That would have made 3 days in a row of tanning in your warm rays.
4. Fawk you apt complex for making me walk half way across you to do my laundry!
5. Fawk you Friday....For not coming fast enough or lasting long enough!!!

This Fawk You Friday is hosted in part by the lovely J @
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If you are not a boobie chaser to this gorgeous, funny lady then you and I might have issues!
No seriously..She is great. I have half a mind to track her down and make her and her momma 'n them my BFF's in real life. Uh huh...I said it!

But I will share the talented ramblings of my real best friend in real life.

The quirky and absolutely adorable Nikki!!!
(Seriously...I need a drumroll for these!!)
Follow my lovely Besty please! You won't regret it!!!

Ok Now link up...Or FAWK YOU ALL!

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