Sometimes no words are needed!

Party People.
Jenna, Kevin MYSELF, Seth, Captain, and his sister Kaitlynn.

Seth, Myself and Capatin lookin Fly.
Dance Floor Empty

Dance Floor Bumpin!

                                                          Yes I did look good!

Can't forget to show of my shoes!

Ok So the party was fun! Minute amount of drama which was handled by us leaving ASAP! But we danced our bootays off and generally enjoyed our time!
I had invited someone..Someone kinda special! lol and He came.
(Keep your panites on Nik...I had permission to invite him.)
lol This is my FIRST boyfriend. First Kiss first Love....Blah blah blah.
ANYWHO... (I am just picturing Nik and Lady ~J with HUGE grins on your faces right now!!!)
We ran into each other a few months ago and this was the first time we got to hang out in over ten years!!!
It was so cool catching up with him. My friends liked him, Seth liked him, Hopefully he didn't find us all too nuts and We'll hang out more!
Stay tuned for part two of my weekend, I'm gonna need some girl support.

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