He love me. Or does he love me not?

You and those eyes that light up when I walk into the room.
Those strong arms that I want wrapped around me always.
You always know what to say to make me fall deeper in love with you.
Which is why this is all the more confusing.
You only speak to me when you need my imagination.
You tell me that you love me.
I don't know what to believe.
I tell myself you've been hurt before,
that you're just scared to open up.
But we both know that's a horrible reason to keep stringing me along.
Maybe you don't know you do it.
Cause when we talk... I know you're happy to hear my voice.
But we don't talk, unless I make the first move.
I want to talk to you all the time!
But despite what you say... I always feel like I'm in the way.
I really wish you would just tell me.
Be honest with me about how you feel
and what you really want.
Cause sugar...this hurts.

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