Je suis dans une mauvaise humeur!!!

I'm in a bad mood.
I couldn't wait to get home!!! Mainly cause I wanted to curl up in my own bed under my comforter and with my half dozen pillows....but it rained in my room and not only could I grow a half acre of grass and rice in my carpet but it got my basketful of clean clothes and parts of my bed. So now I get to sleep on my own couch....HOWEVER...Seth invited one of his friends to spend the night Which means that I will have to stay up as late as them and watch their games until I can fall asleep. (This is making me cry!! DAMMIT I am so mad!!!)
AND... My sim card came in today...I had to go drive to the UPS place at 9 pm tonight to go get it from them. And I feel empty still....oh yeah it's cause I didn't get a phone tonight like I had been promised. ARGH!!!
AND Seth still hasn't bought me the paint I need for a project that I NEED to do this weekend so that a) I can get it out of the way and b) so that I have something to keep me busy.
I looked at my calendar and TODAY was the day I had planned on leaving for Arkansas. AND I'M NOT LEAVING TODAY! Which means my baby niece, whom I have yet to meet will be turning one without me this weekend. I won't get to see my best friend, or my best guy friend like I have been planning. And probly won't for a few more weeks!!!
I'm crying and I just want to break things!!!
I wanna be Godzilla and smash towns! Then I'll cry.

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