Friday, January 22, 2010

Je suis dans une mauvaise humeur!!!

I'm in a bad mood.
I couldn't wait to get home!!! Mainly cause I wanted to curl up in my own bed under my comforter and with my half dozen pillows....but it rained in my room and not only could I grow a half acre of grass and rice in my carpet but it got my basketful of clean clothes and parts of my bed. So now I get to sleep on my own couch....HOWEVER...Seth invited one of his friends to spend the night Which means that I will have to stay up as late as them and watch their games until I can fall asleep. (This is making me cry!! DAMMIT I am so mad!!!)
AND... My sim card came in today...I had to go drive to the UPS place at 9 pm tonight to go get it from them. And I feel empty still....oh yeah it's cause I didn't get a phone tonight like I had been promised. ARGH!!!
AND Seth still hasn't bought me the paint I need for a project that I NEED to do this weekend so that a) I can get it out of the way and b) so that I have something to keep me busy.
I looked at my calendar and TODAY was the day I had planned on leaving for Arkansas. AND I'M NOT LEAVING TODAY! Which means my baby niece, whom I have yet to meet will be turning one without me this weekend. I won't get to see my best friend, or my best guy friend like I have been planning. And probly won't for a few more weeks!!!
I'm crying and I just want to break things!!!
I wanna be Godzilla and smash towns! Then I'll cry.


Eva said...

Some days are crap. Sorry yours is today. Hope it gets better.

stardust said...

hey I understand you and I can imagine what you are going through right now...
But try doing something which makes you really happy and comfortable, you may not have the things you wish for now but believe that you will get them sooner or later...
And just take a break from the situation you are in and introspect about all the things you have in life that you are grateful for... If possible write down each thing that you are grateful for and that makes you happy..
and see how this will help you change your mood :)
Take care :)