Dream I had Last night.

"Well hello there." He said, turning towards me.
I had been dreading this moment for the last 2 minutes, ever since I had sat down and realized who the man next to me was. I wondered if he noticed me for being a woman, or if he remembered...
"Hello back." I said nonchalantly while taking a drink of my vodka tonic. Pear vodka, perfection.
He inclined his head in my direction and I knew what was coming.
"My name is..." I cut him off, "Jason Bean, yes I know." Ha. Not only doesn't he remember me but now I have thrown him off his game.
After blinking in surprise he tried again
"We have met before? I think I would remember someone as beautiful as you." Oh good lord, I thought. But I just smirked with annoyance and took another drink. Still not deterred he turned his whole body towards me seductively and asked "How about we get reacquainted then?"
"No thank you." I shot back, trying to suppress a laugh, point two for me.
"Why not?" he queried, obviously perturbed at a flat rejection.
"You had your chance." Please let this be the end of the conversation, I silently prayed.
"Well it's not fair that I don't remember." He was leaning forwards now, too close.
I rolled my eyes. Maybe he will get bored and leave, again.
"I'll tell you what" he said cockily, "You are obviously not from around here, and since you claim we knew each other before this, why don't you allow me to be your entertainment while you're in town."
That's it I'm done. Where is he?!
I turned around in my stool, away from the bar to scan the place. That handsome face, right behind me this whole time, listening in to my stupid conversation with a smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth.
As I reached for him I realized he had given me the only empty stool at the bar, what a wonderful man. He gave me his hand and I pulled him to me, then reaching up I put both my hands on his cheeks and pulled him in for a long kiss. Pulling away I looked deep into his eyes but said to Jason "Not interested. I have a better offer."
With his hands now holding mine again Michael gently rubbed the tip of his nose along my jawline. Shivers went through me. Can he even begin to know what he does to me?
"Holy shit! You're Crystal Covell aren't you?" Jason said. Why was that creep still bothering me Dammit.
"Who is your friend sweets?" Michael asked me.
Oh yeah I thought, still need to think.
"Michael this is Jason. We used to work together at Arvest. And he was kind enough to give me a ride to the Tulsa airport when I left home." I said. Hoping that would be enough of an answer for everyone.
I looked into Michael's eyes again and tried to speak to him with just my thoughts. Ask me to dance!!
As though it worked he pulled me out into the music and held me in his arms.
And all else was forgotten.

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