FRICK FRICK FRICK!!! (To quote Elliot from Scrubs)

My weekend seriously couldn't be worse. I'm just waiting to have a trip to the ER to top it all off.
Saturday I was trying to get everyone motivated so we could get stuff done! We are moving next weekend and I don't even have one box yet.
So waiting waiting waiting for Seth to be ready to leave(Finally at 1 pm).... Got my phone and still didn't work. Father in law said he would call Tmobile on Monday. GAY!! Seth threw his phone and broke it, so had to get that fixed. Went to Home Depot for paint for new furniture. Then went to new apt only to find out someone rented it out to someone else even though it was ours as of two weeks ago. So had to bitch to get that fixed. THEN came home to paint new furniture. (I had put it in apt downstairs since we were supposed to have been moving down there.) Only to see someone else moving into it! Apparently while I was gone someone went into that apt and threw all of my stuff in it away! So I lost a queen size bed and two nightstands, along with about 100 bucks worth of cleaning supplies. Literally I lost it and sobbed and screamed for an hour. ESPECIALLY cause Seth refused to call his boss/the landlord to ask her to do something about it. It wasn't until I tried to grab the phone from him and we were screaming obscenities at each other, that he finally relented and locked himself in our room to call her. Which didn't help a bit. BIG SURPRISE!!! If I had talked to her I guarantee I would have been reimbursed. If for no other reason that it was her employee that threw it all away!
However while Seth was in my room he discovered that while we were gone all last week mold had been popping out in the ceiling. (from the ceiling leaking) A foot of dark black mold. With chunks coming out of the ceiling where the wall and ceiling join. Just walking in my room now makes my eyes swell and gives me an asthma attack. So I can't go near my room, I'm sleeping on the couch, and I can't stop sneezing!!

Now today....been tearing my house a part. If I haven't used it in the last 6 months I have thrown it out. Just trying to get ready to move. SETH on the other hand has barely moved his butt off the couch. I only asked him to do two things. The laundry and the garbage. He started 3 loads this morning and hasn't finished them. He needed to go to the store and get some more cash for the machines. And of course he just played video games and watched Football all day.
So now I am staring at piles of stuff that is about to make me so frustrated that I am going to cry again.
Now he got called to work. So...I am stuck doing all this by myself with Caden tonight. Not to mention the fact that he will be gone working all week and I don't have a car to find boxes or move my stuff to the new place.
I could seriously scream right now.
I am about to make myself a drink, try not to cry, and maybe I'll have a nice conversation with someone who can cheer me up.
Or at least take my mind of things.

How about you....Take my mind off things? How was your weekend?

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