Just because now I feel better!

MissCrystal Nelson: hi
smyles00: hey babe
MissCrystal Nelson: You should check out my current blog. I think that will explain EVERYTHING!
smyles00: you know why i think your hot in the hospital gown?? cause i know nothin's under them and the back is all open
MissCrystal Nelson: lol Except that I got to keep my PJ pants on!! lol So it's just my boobs hangin out there.
smyles00: haha well boobs are my friends
smyles00: ugh he didn't bring you anything?!?! THAT IS ASS
MissCrystal Nelson: I know. I don't even want to talk about what I ate for dinner.
MissCrystal Nelson: All I asked him for was Dennys. (lol I wanted a burger so dam bad. HORRIBLE)
smyles00: and he couldn't bring that home? WTF is up with that
MissCrystal Nelson: I KNOW!!!
MissCrystal Nelson: Ugh I am so irritated.
smyles00: i would be to so its not just you. ugh if i was there i would have done it, i know that doesn't help but seriously he said he would and he should have
smyles00: smack him upside the head, kick him in the nuts and say thats from nikki
MissCrystal Nelson: I know!!! Especially after he asked me WHAT I wanted more than once. And asked what he could get me on his way home.
MissCrystal Nelson: The really irritating thing is that I have not talked to him about it. Because I KNOW that he would say "why didn't you tell me?"
smyles00: so what was his reason for not doing it?
MissCrystal Nelson: And I would have to say "well because by the time I realized we wern't going anywhere you were in your chones and whining that your burrito upset your stomach." And then we would fight and I would hurt his feelings and have to apologize.
MissCrystal Nelson: AND I DONT WANT TO!
smyles00: i wouldn't want to fight either but sugar, he should do those things for you without throwing a tantrum. especially if he says he's going to do them, makes the effort to ask. ESPECIALLY when your having proceedures done
MissCrystal Nelson: I know. But that's not Seth. We have been married 6 1/2 years and I still forget how selfish he can be. And how his selfishness tends to take over.
smyles00: i'm so sorry he's like that, wow miss. thats retarded.
MissCrystal Nelson: I know.
MissCrystal Nelson: I really don't get it.
MissCrystal Nelson: I feel like posting this conversation as my next blog. LMAO!
smyles00: lol go ahead if you want
MissCrystal Nelson: lol I am trying to figure out who would read it and how I would feel about it.
MissCrystal Nelson: lol And also how much Seth would whine when he finds out I talked to you instead of him. LOL
smyles00: did he say why he didn't get it for you?
MissCrystal Nelson: He hasn't said a word about it at all.
smyles00: oh your so much stronger than me because i would have stopped his ass before he took his shoes off and let him have it, lol
MissCrystal Nelson: lol It's just not worth it to get mad at Seth.
MissCrystal Nelson: He gets his feelings hurt and you have to have a two hour long conversation about it, and why I acted the way I did, and how he feels, and then he will get made cause I will be SO SICK of fighting that I just tell him I have nothing left to say.
smyles00: i wouldn't call that mad, i'd call that giving him his shit for not following through....but then again i do get myself in trouble wiht my mouth
MissCrystal Nelson: And then he might go out and get the food...but I would really have to kiss ass all night to make him feel special for doing what he said he was going to do in the first place...and all because I didn't remember to remind him ten times on the way home.
smyles00: i guess since i've never been in it, i don't know how to let it go, does that make sense? i am used to being able to say whats wrong and have him listen, even if he doesn't agree
MissCrystal Nelson: I mean seriously...he text me 30 minutes from home asking what I wanted.
smyles00 is typing a message.
MissCrystal Nelson: Well that's because Bo is the best husband in the world and you are dam lucky to have found him before me. Love you Bo-Bear!

Needless to say I have the bestest friend in the world. Talking to Nik always calms me down.
And if someone from my immediate family is reading this....Try not to add more to it then what is here when you go off and blab about it to everyone you see! Maybe do something nice for me for once and stay off my blog in the first place! I would really appreciate it thanks! :-/

Have to add this part now! Too funny not to add the ending to the conversation:

MissCrystal Nelson: If I hear about this blog roundabout from my family you better go to my sister's bank and cause a scene.
smyles00: hahahaha i have tears. just finished your blog and left a comment
MissCrystal Nelson: lol I know I was laughing so hard!
smyles00: ooooh sounds fun.
smyles00: cause we know she haaates me
MissCrystal Nelson: lol
smyles00: ROFLMAO Bo just walked up to me and said 'i am not in the mood so there is no risk here of me coming on to you' and walked up to me with a box of condoms
smyles00: we ran out the other day and he bought some tonight. they are ultra thin and he wanted to show me the box.
MissCrystal Nelson: I am dying laughing
smyles00: i'm sooo putting that on the blog its too good
smyles00 is typing a message.
smyles00: i wish i had it recorded it it was awesome
MissCrystal Nelson: I LOVE IT!

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