~Bangs head against computer screen~

I am not in a very great mood today. I had my Barium Swallow....that had it's own set of difficulties. I was expecting....something....I dunno something more from people....
Seth was being supportive on Sunday, he went out to eat with a friend and he said he would take me out to breakfast after my BS test when I could FINALLY eat again. But of course his boss called and so he said we would do lunch or dinner....Lunch came and went.
He texted me on his way home asking if I wanted a burrito from a taco truck...yeah no. Usually I don't mind Tony's since he is a tradition and since he is out on the islands we don't get to eat it very often....but the key word was OUT. Go OUT to eat.... So then he asked what I wanted and I told him and he said ok! (Which I was assuming meant that he would come get me...or (sigh) he would bring it home.) Nope.
So now here I am still trying to figure out what I will eat for dinner. Of course I didn't have anything ready to make cause I was not planning on eating at home! I am trying to think of the last time we ate out together...or that I ate out......I don't know when...but it has been months.

I really shouldn't be irritated. This is not a big deal. But I am not in a good mood, and it's making my tummy hurt.

Not to mention ONCE AGAIN Seth and Caden are fighting. Now I have to admit Caden has been a pain in the ass today. (He was "cleaning" his room for 3 hours.) And didn't get a thing accomplished. His room got cleaned because he used his golf club to hit his light and shatter the bulb. So we had to go in there and clean it up and vacuum.
Still though...It irritates the crap out of me to have so much yelling in the evenings.
I know it wouldn't be so bad if Seth would just get up and play a game with Caden. They have not gone outside, played a game, done a puzzle NOTHING! In months.
Seth reads him a story at night and that's it.

I am just pissy pissy pissy.
If it was possible I could have a period I would think I was PMSing right now. lol

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