Seth and I had an argument yesterday. It's weird since we really don't argue anymore. I just don't give him a reason to argue, and I choose to ignore the stupid things he does that cause an argument.
I am still not quite sure what set him off. Maybe he felt like I was nagging him to do something he knew he should do but didn't want to. I don't get it though!!! He always tells me that with his ADD he forgets things and that my job is to remind him...then I feel like I get shot down or yelled at when I do. I feel like I can't win!
He says that all week I have been acting differently. But he doesn't know how. I reminded him that he had been weird for two months and I told him how and why and reminded him that it should really come as no surprise if I get upset and irritated with trying to cater to him when he won't talk to me, and start to pull away.
I have my own stuff to deal with right now! I have doctor's app's and tests and new meds and sometimes (Like right now) all in the same week. I told him that since he would rather keep his own private council then I am focusing on me, I am not going to waste my energy worrying about him when he doesn't want it.

He is gone now though....I have a few hours to myself to try to recoup and get my head together. Today is a rough day trying to get ready for the Barium Swallow tomorrow. No solids, no dairy, nothing it doesn't help the the Steelers are not playing well today and I am SEEING RED! haha.

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