Divorce in Memes Because Thursday

I am tired of being accused of wanting my soon-to-be-ex-husband back.

Am I sad about the divorce? OF COURSE!! I put 12 years of hard work into my marriage. Not to mention the damage it's done to my son. But the man I loved, he was murdered by a selfish coward. And the sociopath walking around in his skin holds no interest for me.

Here's Why:
3. He has lived a double life since he was a teenager.

(That list is a link in case anyone needs a refresher on his lies and cheating)

To put it simply: I don't deserve that. And I don't want that.

If someone who has lost all contact with their Family, and life long friends due to their inability to be honest and loyal is who you want to date, then be prepared for the heartache to follow.

Not to mention, what kind of man loses 2 jobs in one year? What kind of man has his car, that's not even running, repossessed? What kind of man, can't see his child more than a few hours a month, when he doesn't even have a job? What kind of man claims to love 3 different women within the span of 1 year?
Not a real Man, that's who.

I feel like there a few more points missing.....  Oh yes:

1. I filed for divorce. Not him. He moved out and a year later I got tired of the continued lies and the cheating and the willful non support, and filed. 
2. This divorce is great for me! I got the child, and the family.
3. I also don't have to have random STD checks.
4. My bills are always paid on time.
5. I don't have to care what he says about me, because no one trusts him.

Ohhh I need a number 6....
6. I filed 6 months ago, and he still hasn't signed the divorce papers. So who is still stuck?

Do I hate my Ex? Nah. He's a pretty broken individual. I hope he gets help. Or gets his heart broken.

And for anyone who says they weren't warned.... Well open your eyes. It doesn't take a genius to see the truth is right in front of you.

Until then, stop stressing about me. I'm not competition, because I don't want him. And you have bigger issues to worry about.

*Rainbows and Skittles*

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