Your Voice

I hear your voice, whispering plans in my ear.
My eyes slant sideways to view you,
while the corner of my mouth quirks up.
I could listen to you speak all day.
Your words and meanings rumble through me,
ribbons of safety curling around my soul.
Warming me up from the inside,
happiness dripping off my skin.
I never want this morning to end.
Lay your head against my chest and read to me the simplest story.
I will live and die in moments like this.
The sun flowing through the window, with a promise of things to do.
But I'm not ready to give in just yet.
I'll run my fingers through your hair, and kiss your temple.
You don't see me falling deeply.
 But I am here....
I am in this moment, and it will stay with me.
Carrying me through the bad days.
The world is a storm.
But all I hear is your voice, saying the silliest things, filling me with hope, carrying me along.
Your whispers hot against my skin.
They bring me home again.

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