I've told the tale, oh so many times.

Divine secrets revealing
a tempest inside my heart,
slowly compelling lunacy within me.
It's all wrong. It's all wrong.
Oh it's so right.
Every little look gets my little smile.
My heart races and leaps.
It wants to win this race.
I stand before you, with my layers making me hot.
You whisper a single word
and I'm naked and shivering.
I don't understand how it's possible.
Just one look and my secrets are laid bare.
No matter how I try to cover my skin
you see my me naked and glistening.
I don't know this feeling.
And I am so scared.
Do you hear these words?
Can you feel my wounds deep within?
I'm bleeding out before you.
I know one day you'll go away
And I'll have to carry this love on my own.
Because I've fallen in love with your ways.
You're living in a different world than me.
And we are dancing around that truth so carefully.
In my hands lay the cold memories.
I hear you whisper my name.
Ghostly longing.
But there is nothing but silence now.
Is this our farewell?
These are the darkest clouds to have surrounding me.
I'm alone in this cage, and there are no flowers to cling to.
You know everyone with a smiling face holds a dark secret within.
And there is nothing to make you stay,
since you sold your heart away.
I've told the tale so many times,
of the love not meant to be.
About a blonde flame,
a hurricane.
Seeking the harbor of your safe arms.
To love me, not what you need me to be.
But purely for who I am.
A songstress luring you into passionate depths.
The girl with the golden eyes melting the ice in her heart.
The dreamer trapt in her longings.
The tree outside your window, strong and rooted, with beautiful leaves watching over you.
I could go on forever in this world.
You tried not leaving me alone,
but there is no other way for us.
Enchanted I will have to stay
Till you have your reason to breathe me into life.

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