Guest Post from: The Queen

I want to tell you just how "whole and unbroken"  Miss Boudoir is.

I've followed her blog for a very long time.  I've been in private groups with her.  We have

taken her into our family and she has been nothing less than a miracle for us.

When one of us stumbles, she is the first to drop what she's doing and make a call, or a text

 or a note in our group.

When she is down, she's the last one to come to us and say, "I need a hug."  She is that

 sure that she can do it.  We are that sure she can do it.  We always have hugs waiting

when she wants one, but we do not dent her by pushing a hug off on her when she's

struggling to "do it on her own".  We simply do our job as her family, and surround her

with love.

I have been very shocked at the things her "family" has done to her this last year.

Her marriage went belly up.  If you think she called us and told us how awful her soon to

 be ex was, you would be wrong.  She  kept quiet and started sorting through the left

overs to see what could and couldn't be salvaged between her and her ex.

When she posted a guest post, it touched me to my very soul.  It prompted her "Mother"

(DBaer) to hunt the post down and post a lengthy response in the comment section.

I don't mean she post, "Honey, I'm sorry, I may not have handled this right."  I mean the

woman called her out on the carpet in public.  I mean the woman drug up every detail of

her past and posted it for all the world to read.

I'm thankful there was monitoring of comments on that site and someone had the common

 sense to hold that comment back, and ask Miss Boudoir if she wanted it posted.

You may not be able to imagine the shock and horror Miss Boudoir went through when she

 was notified of what her "Mother" had done, but I can.  I've lived it.

I don't know if that was meant to discredit her story, or discredit her as a human, but I do

 know it certainly discredited her "Mother" as a mother.  Anyone can get prego, but it takes

 a real loving woman, to be a Mother.

I don't even want to go in to the entire marriage failure and what it has done to her.  I've

lived what she is going through and it is one of those things that shakes you to the very

core of your soul.  It shakes your faith in everyone around you.  It destroys your faith in

 those that were already beating on your soul with a hammer.

WE, her family, rallied around her.  We kept our mouths shut and our hearts open.  We are

 keeping watch over her as she surveys the damage that has been done to her, picks the

pieces of glass out of the carpet, and starts putting things back in order.

WE. are standing guard over her.  WE, are being family.  WE are doing the things her

"Mother" should be doing.  WE are honored to be allowed to do that.

WE, suggest you consider backing off if you are only her to stalk and torture her.

WE, will

stop at nothing to protect OUR daughters.

She IS NOT broken, she is slightly scratched.  She has a couple of dents, but she IS NOT

broken.  Give her time and space to order the repairs, and you will see..



The Royal Family

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