Sunday, March 13, 2011

Don't duct tape the Momma!

Do you believe in censorship in writing?
What if your blog was censored?
You sit down, vent about your day, and the next thing you know not only has Blogger pulled your post, but they have your blog deleted and your URL up for anyone to grab.

Sounds hard to believe right?

But, sad to say, that is what happened to a fellow blogger today.
Momma Fargo. The Royal Family's Top Cop had her blog censored by Blogger.
What was so horrible that this upstanding Police Officer had written on her blog?
I honestly don't know. No one is sure, not even her.
She wrote one of her normal "Here is how my day went posts." She talked about a gathering of Native Americans that happens about once a year in the town she protects and serves, and she told a story about how last year during this party, when she put her life on the line to make her way through a deadly crowd, pepper spray in one hand and a night stick in the other, hoping she wouldn't have to use either, or even drop one to use her weapon. She was trying to get to a Native American Victim who had a knife fully embedded in his back. She talked about the man she arrested that night and the conversation they had, and how she understood  his position, how he felt, and could empathize with him. (Typical of a Momma Fargo post) She put herself in the man's place, and wrote an amazing post.
Not only did Blogger make her remove the post, but when you clicked on her blog it said:
This blog has been removed and this address is available, do you want it?

That's right. Her blog was gone. Thankfully they gave her blog back to her later, Sans post.
But anyone could have come and claimed her blog link, and all of her posts, her heartfelt ones, her funny ones, and the ones that drew others to her for help would all have been erased. As if they never existed.
She made a post after that called"
In it she explained that her other post had been removed, and that it had been removed so that she could have her blog back. Now she has been made to remove her explanation as well.

This is a blogger who is politically correct, she did not-nor has she ever, used Racial slurs, been racially inconsiderate, or even acted biased towards a particular race.
So why is SHE censored?
More importantly... Why is she censored when men like this not only post their sexist maliciousness on their blog, they post it in the comments sections of all the female bloggers they can find? He has never once been censored, even though he spreads hate, and lies about one particular group.

How do you feel about this?
What if this was you?
What happened today was unfair. And we need to make our voices heard to blogger about it!


Amy J - Book Addict said...

That is a bunch of shit! Who the fuck should have the say in what we write on our OWN blog??!!!

The Queen said...

I am Pissed.. pissed beyond words right now.. so I copied a cerp from you.. and linked it all back to here.. I'm that pissed.. Right now..

Jen Sparkles said...

That is horrible! I filed a complaint on the idiot. I know I have filed like at least 3 and he can still post! It's shitty. Sorry she got shit for hers.

Ashes said...

Argh! I hate censorship when it doesn't make any sense! Is there a place I can file a formal complaint to Blogger for their idiocy?
Thanks for your voice.

Momma Fargo said...

Thanks so much for your support. I appreciate your well thought post and voice in freedom of speech...something I believe in from the top to the bottom of the Constitution.

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

Yet I'm still getting threats of physical violence and hate spam from a hate blogger? The only answer I get from Blogger is "call the cops" and "we believe in freedom of speech" ........ BULLSHIT on all of this.

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

The Man you linked is the one Im getting the harassment and threats from.

DCHY said...

Did she use YouTube in her blog? YT has been the common culprit in getting bloggers shut down.

MiMi said...

WTF?! That pisses me off!!!
That BAW guy should have a blog shoved up his ASS and they pull Momma's??? UGH.
Now I'm gonna get mine pulled because I said ass, huh?
Fuckshitdamn. Whatever.

jillsmo said...

Oh my god!! What can we do?

Tam said...

Oh geez.

This is the issue with hosting through blogger (and wordpress). They have complete power over what is posted and the ability to remove whatever one of their censors dont like. The only way to avoid it is to switch to self hosting which is absolutely not for everyone, and does cost money.

What a sucky situation! And that other blogger, I have no words for that hideous vitriol.

Anonymous said...

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Boobies said...

I think it's a big bunch of bullshit! You're kidding me?!

Umas little sis said...

I'm there with truly is unfair

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

This is scary; I am currently working to do one of those blog print books. I need to do it now lest something ever happen and I lose my entire blog and diary of my blog.

John Rambo said...

Hahahaha. Poor wittle babies are upset because most men are not stupid enough to marry them anymore. Most American men are beginning to wake up and realize that FOREIGN WOMEN are far superior to American/western women.

Nikki said...

Dear fucktards,

Have you sat and thought that MAYBE foreign woman are just desperate to have better lives and that's why they will accept you but American women won't? Because we know better than to put up with your shit, but to them, you are just an easier pain in the ass to deal with than the men in their country.

Good luck with you keeps the rest of us entertained.

Anonymous said...

Oh how cute... poor wittle baby is upset because no real men want her anymore... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!