Some people deserve to be kicked in the head.

So I am the Craigslist Queen. I find the best deals and have sold tons of stuff with the help of Craigslist.
Today however is making me change my mind.
Two weeks ago some friends of ours came to take away Caden's old Toddler Race Car bed, he has outgrown it, and I promised her before her son was even born that she would get it.
However they didn't need or have room in their car for the mattress. So I said no worries. I will sell it on Craigslist.
I finally listed it last night and got a call today. The girl on the phone seemed nice enough, with a slight accent. The woman who called back though was SO hard to understand, and I realized she had her daughter call for her. This woman is Russian. And her accent was unintelligible. I repeat all the info that is on the add, after all writing a good add is half the sell, and then I repeat it again, and then once more. After giving them directions 5 times, I kid you not, they get lost in my parking lot. Ahem... Ya.
They finally get here and I explain to her that the mattress has a foam in it that is Hypoallergenic, made out of soybeans, to help prevent bacterial growth and allergens. I show her the add for it on the Toys R Us website. You can see it's $200.00 dollars new and it's OBVIOUSLY the same mattress. How much do I want for mine you ask? 20 bucks. YUP! 20 bucks gets it outa my house! But no.....She is not happy.
Now I feel I should add there are no rips, no stains and no smells. The stupid thing has not been used in almost 6 months either. If you go anywhere to buy a used crib mattress the basic price is already 20 bucks. So obviously I am just trying to get rid of the stupid thing.
But no. She squeezes it 123654876234765827364 times and smelled it twice that many.
Finally she tells me it's a cheap mattress.
~Blank Stare~
Pardon? I though maybe her accent just made her sound stupid.
Nope...She tells me again it's just a cheap mattress. I told her if she wanted a cheap mattress then go to Walmart. I showed her the ad again....Same mattress.
She says I need to go lower. I say how much lower. She says lower. I told her I wouldn't go less than 15.
(I really hate clutter and I just wanted it out.)
She finally says ok. So she starts digging through her purse. She asks if I have change. Um no....You are coming to buy...YOU bring change. She asks then if I would take it back if her husband doesn't like it. I waited till I had cash in hand and told her NO TAKEBACKS.
Then I remembered to count the money.......Uh... There is only 12 here. You can't speak the language but I know you can count to 15 as well as I can.
She said she doesn't have anything else.
~Blank stare~
Take the mattress and get out.

Seriously....I should have kicked her in the head.

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