Ready for more product reviews?

LOL Ya I am sure you are ready for another flood like yesterday! I am so behind on everything.
I wanted to give you all an update on my Grandfather. His kidneys and heart are failing. But he is more alert and even able to do Physical Therapy if he wants it. the doctor's have no explanation. Every day is another day just waiting for a message from a family member on how his night was. My poor Aunt is still out there. I think this is her 3rd week. And I am sure she is stressed to the max right now. My Uncle just got back home and I am sure he is hitting the ground running. And my mother of course can't be bothered and is MIA. Too bad she can't be bothered to help out her family for once. Oh well that's a story for another day!
Main thing is that while Grandpa is doing better, his condition is still serious and it's just a waiting game right now.
But all of the cards, emails and wishes you all have sent have been getting me through. I am sorry I haven't written back, I have just been really stressed and depressed about it all. But know that I read all of them, and they meant so much to me!

I do have some more reviews to write up. ENJOY! There are give aways too!
I am gonna be working with CSN Stores again! I am so in love with the look of Upholstered Headboards right now. CSN Stores has a great selection of them too!
I want this one. I fall in love every time I see it!!

So stay tuned! Hopefully today or tomorrow I will be gettin it together enough to write out a full post. 

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