Monday, November 1, 2010

NachoMama Tees Review and Giveaway

NachoMamaTees is owned by CrazyDogTees!
So they also have Cheap Tees, Movie Tees, Funny Tees, and Girls Tees!!

Some of my faves that I will have to go and buy are:

But which one did I get?

This is My Dam Shirt
And yes I do wear it well!

Want your own uber cool shirt?
Well Nacho Mama Tees is hookin ya up!

Winners can choose between receiving one of the following:
  • Free Mystery Tee (they would need to specify their size (in Mens) and mailing address (US only).
  • Free $15 Gift Card (they would need to release their email address  to receive the code via email)