My craptastic week and apparently I'm a rock star!

Wow what a crazy week this has been!!!
Sunday we found out that Seth no longer had a job.
He has been in the Fire Supression industry for 8 years this month. The last 2 and a half years he has been helping to hold together/ build a company for a man who is in Prison. This man's parents have been handling things for him while he is paying his debt to society. The first two months he worked for them they didn't pay him a dime. Then they paid him 200 bucks a week for over 6 months. The first year he was the only employee. When they did start hiring employees to help him with the workload, they had no experience, were illegal aliens, drug users, and didn't speak the language. Since this summer their other son, who is 2 years younger than Seth, has been working with him as his boss, and learning the business. Seth didn't work 8-5. He would work from 7 to 9 or 10. If he wasn't out at work then he was home on the phone with work. And he would have to be gone for days to weeks at a time for work. No over time. He worked what he was told to and he would get a check every 2 weeks for just over 500 bucks.
Last week, after being gone an entire week for work, She informed Seth that she was cutting him down from salary, and working every day to Hourly, minimum wage and On Call.  Then she only called him one day for a few hours. So his check this week was pretty much nothing.
1 am Saturday morning he got a text telling him to be ready to leave for a week on Sunday. So Sunday morning he called to talk to her and let her know this was no longer working.
She said he could take hourly on call or nothing. He chose nothing.
That sounds bad....But she has done that to other employees and she won't call them for work. But technically she didn't fire him...So she can deny unemployment.
Yup... Apparently this whole time Seth has been training his replacement. He is pretty devastated. As I am sure you can imagine.
So yesterday and today I was at the county offices, the state offers help paying for child care if you are a student. So we enjoyed sitting around for hours with some of the scum of Sacramento. Not to mention I had to get up at 5:30 am both days to get their on time....So I was not very cheery to start with.
But dealing with people who make their living, living off the state makes me insane.
I heard all kinds of shocking things!!
"Give me my food stamps already! I need to get some weed."
Ya... I am not kidding.
This woman was giving me tips on how to get more money from the state. She looked like a fat prostitute with her boobs hiked up to her chin. Just had her hair done, nails done and had on new Candies boots. And a gold ring the size of my thumb on 7 fingers. Ya.
According to her if you have a kid ten months after you get cash aid they have to pay you more. Sounds like a great reason to reproduce!! NOT.
Once done there I left Seth and Caden and took a bus to school for orientation. I didn't get my books today, which super bummed me out cause I wanted to study over the weekend. (Nerd me? No!!)
But I did have an AWESOME experience instead!!!

Instructor was answering questions and finally she says "Come on!!! Ask me something even if you think it's weird!"
So I figured why not...We all want to know right?
"Ma'am...You'll teach me how to properly care for Alligators right?" (Oh and I asked in my giggly smart ass voice too.)
I got a weird stare from her....But then the School Registrar chimed in
"OH!!! I KNOW YOU!!"
Me: Oh crap.
"I read your blog!"
Me: WTF?!? Excuse you???
"I love your royal vet posts! I don't blog but I read CB and found you through her! You are so funny"
Me: You read CB? Woman I am totally viewing you in a whole new light. 

The rest of the class, who are all 18-22 year old wannabe models, and had been looking at me the whole time like the crazy old freak of the class were now really staring at me! I didn't care anymore...I felt like a dam rock star!

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