A thousand things in my head!!!

If I don't start writing I am gonna bust!
Ok I am gonna do a health update here...and I'll be posting this same post on my Weight loss blog, so if you follow both you won't need to read it twice...Although double the comments does sound awesome!

So I have lost 5 pounds! Yay me!
I am walking my two miles every day and I am wearing my Trim Treads for at least an hour a day too! (Check out that post if you want a chance to win your own Trim Treads!)
So I am very happy.
I started my new diet on Monday. (You can read about that here.) I was so ready to do it, until i was in the grocery store buying the food from my list. NO Sugar NO Bread. AT ALL. For the first 17 days I am on Chicken, Fish, Fruits and Veggies. Not bad. But with my PCOS Cravings I am dying.
I also have not been sleeping. At all. I have been taking muscle relaxers, sleeping pills, and even doubling up on the dose. But nothing helps! I am dead tired but I won't fall asleep till at least 4 am. 4am the last 11 days!!! I am dying! And I am working all day, constantly finding things to do to stay busy and not nap during the day, in hopes that I will wear myself out. But no. I am so tired at night I'm crying but I can't sleep.
So the stress of that is really wearing on me.
I am trying a new multivitamin from Centrum. It's supposed to help your energy levels. lol I take it with breakfast every morning and the only difference I have seen is that I am not falling asleep while walking. But that is still a bonus.
2 days into the diet and I have been told I need to eat more and drink more water. The water thing I can do no problem. But eating all day is hard. I am eating breakfast which is huge for me. I can go all day without eating and then just have dinner.
Lunch just doesn't have any appeal to me. Especially if I can't have a sandwich. lol I love bread! Can you tell?
Seems like I had a lot more to say on this subject...But now I can't remember.
So stay tuned..I might come back to edit this later today.

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