Trim Treads Review and Giveaway.

Trim Treads- Work out shoes. Do they really work?

I'm sure most of you have seen the commercials for work out shoes. Seems like everyone is making a pair now. But they are so expensive! Do they really work? Are the worth all the hype?

Trim Treads Gave me the opportunity to try their shoes. Their slogan is “Let the shoes do the work.” Sounds simple right?
They say that Trim Treads are the most affordable, efficient and effective fitness shoes available on the market. By simply wearing your Trim Treads 30 minutes a day as you go about your normail routine you will see and feel the results.
How do Trim Treads work?
When you wear Trim Treads, the motion is similar to that of balancing while using an aerobic step machine, while staying balanced in these shoes, you can concentrate on different muscles that are not normally used.
The deep vein pumping action that occurs with every step taken can significantly reduce the onset of varicose and spider veins. Wearing the shoes can also diminish existing cellulite and prevent it from developing, and can ease lower back pain, swelling in the arms and legs, and the discomfort of plantar fasciitis.

What did I think:
I was very skeptical. Balancing on the balls of my feet...I might as well wear high heels all day, right? I had tried on several different pairs of the more popular brands, walked around in them, and just assumed you had to wear them a lot to see or feel results.
When I got the Trim Tread Sandals in, I couldn't help but giggle at how silly they looked.
I slipped them on and walked around a bit. A little odd feeling. But it was ok. I walked to the other side of my complex to get the mail while wearing them, and oh wow! I could feel it in my butt and my calve muscles! I didn't expect that! After about 15 minutes I had to take them off. 
I had a girlfriend come over that night and I asked her to try them on. She laughed the first few minutes and then was in shock about how she could already feel it.
As the week progressed I was able to wear them longer and longer. By the third day I had worn them for an hour. That night I was sittin up and I felt like I had done an ab workout!
So I grabbed my little brochure for my Trim Treads and read that they help you strengthen your core as well!
Since I have been wearing my Trim Treads I have noticed my calves getting firmer, I have not had any swelling in my ankles like I sometimes do. My balance has improved, which is a big deal for a clutz! And I also haven't had as much lower back pain.

I haven't had the courage to wear them outside of the house, however you don't need to. They guarantee that if you wear your Trim Treads for at least 30 minutes a day you will see results! And I agree.
I wear them around the house while I do the dishes, pick up the dirty laundry, make the beds, vaccuum and dust. Roughly 30 minutes a day.
If you have considered getting a pair of workout shoes I strongly recommend that you try out Trim Treads. They are an affordable way to work out and are designed so that your body gets more of a workout in less time.

Basic Stance:When standing there are a variety of different things you can do to target and engage different muscles. First, you can focus on balancing on the flat part of the shoe under the ball of your foot. Stand with your feet parallel to the ground, just as if you were barefooted. While standing, your body has a tendency to want to rock back or roll forward. The effort exerted to maintain balance on the platform under the ball of your foot allows you to engage and tone muscles in your core and lower extremities that are not ordinarily used. Benefits of this exercise include greatly improved balance and inner core strength, better posture, as well as the muscle toning benefits of wearing the shoes. Advanced users may try standing and balancing on one foot at a time for short intervals to increase and enhance these same benefits.

Heel & Toe Lifts:

To target the muscles on the back side of your legs, from your ankles to your buttocks, try beginning with the heel of the shoe resting on the ground, then repeatedly lifting up to the point of balance on the flat part of the shoe, then back down. By repeating this action, you will immediately feel the targeted muscles working! To target the front part of your legs roll forward onto the angled flat part of the shoe beneath your toes and then back to the point of balance under the flat part of the shoe. You can also feel this exercise working in your buttocks.

When Walking:

Walk as you normally would, allowing your knees and ankles to move and flex freely. Focus on balancing on the flat part of the shoe under the ball of your foot without allowing the heel or toe of the shoe to touch the ground. However, feel free to mix it up a bit. To work your calves, hamstrings, thighs and buttocks more aggressively, you may take exaggerated heel to toe steps, rocking from all the way back on your heel and then forward onto your toe.

-Toned Legs
-Lifted Buns
-A stronger Core
-better Posture

They have a variety of different colors to choose from, I chose black. Or you can also get them in a fuzzy boot or clog.

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