Bryton Pick Review

We all know that we are supposed to floss. But the statistics that the ADA has, shows that only 12% of the population flosses regularly. Most people don't have the time or a proper place to floss after meals. Since most products are not reusable or comfortable to carry, people often improvise. My father in law usually uses the edge of a business card!
Bryton Pick is convenient, discreet and slightly stylish with different colors to choose from!
It's designed to use daily, even when on the go, to remove food debris and and plaque between teeth, after meals and snacks.
The first time you use Bryton Pick should be in front of a mirror.
Gently slide between teeth, avoiding contact with your lips. It normally takes several tries to become accustomed to the cleaning procedure.

Bryton Pick is made in the USA from completely recyclable materials. And additional environmental benefit is that BrytonPick is reusable! Because of it's germ-resistant stainless steel cleaning tips.

My Thoughts:
  • It looks like a boomerang. Lol well those were my first thoughts.
  • The tips are very bendable. So it adapts to the shape of your tooth.
  • They are discreet enough to use anywhere.
  • Much much easier to use than floss.
  • I love that it's reusable!

My husband was very excited when these came in the mail. He said he was going to buy some for his dad!

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