Sunday, October 17, 2010

The one day a year where I act like a sappy mom!

I remember this day so well. 5 years ago I was in the Hospital, with Seth, my Mom, my oldest brother Kyle, Seth's Parents and sister and dozens of friends. I had gone in the day before to be induced.
I was not ready to be a mom when I found out I was pregnant. I was 19, and Seth and I had been married around a year and a half. I was also on the pill. I just felt like I had the flu for weeks. Finally Seth, jokingly, said I should take a pregnancy test. I did but we couldn't read it well. It didn't say no. But it didn't say yes either. So I waited a week and took another. And I didn't believe it. I figured I had cancer. For nine months, through ultrasounds and heart beat moments and feet kicks and a baby shower I kept telling myself everyone was wrong. I had cancer.
I went into the Hospital on the 16th of October at noon. It was a Sunday. We got all checked in and they gave me everything to induce. Monday the 17th at noon they finally broke my water. I hadn't eaten the whole time I was in the Hospital and I was so hungry, so my little brother kept sneaking me M&M's. Which I of course would throw up. The nurse would come in and scold us. And we'd do it again.
Finally around 3 I was having constant contractions, and unbearable back labor so I asked for an epidural. Which was wonderful for an hour. Then the pain was horrible, but I wasn't dilated enough to push. So they gave me fentanol. Peace. For a half hour. So they gave me more. That didn't even take effect. Finally at 6 pm they kicked everyone out and I started to push. Seth held one hand, with his mom next to him, my Mom and Seth's sister were on the other side. I was pushing for what felt like an eternity. At one point the nurses put their firsts into my stomach and started trying to help push him out. I remember this one nurse yelling at me to push and I screamed at her I AM PUSHING!!! (The first time I was unpleasant during the entire ordeal and everyone in the room stopped and laughed at me!) The next thing I knew my doctor grabbed a pair of scissors and I screamed at her DONT YOU DARE CUT ME!! But the nurses held me down and she did it anyways. at 6:57 pm Caden was born. They placed him on my chest and he just stared at me. My little cancer had the biggest eyes. I remember thinking later that I never counted his fingers and toes because I kept looking at his eyes.
When they took him away from me he started to cry. And I told Seth to go be with him.
All of a sudden the contractions started again and I thought "OH Shit! TWINS!" Thankfully it was just the placenta. The doctor sowed me up and everyone left the room following the baby out.. I was in their by myself for an hour when a maintenance man came in to clean the floor. He was quite surprised to see a woman with her feet in the stirrups! He yelled for a nurse who went to yell at my family for leaving me alone instead of helping me to clean up. I was just panicking that something was wrong with Caden.
He was born with a wet umbilical cord. Unbeknown-st to us he was 2 weeks late! And the cord had started to dissolve while he was in me, not giving him the food and nutrients he needed. So they were being extra careful with him.
He was finally brought to me and I started dealing with the idea that I was a mom.
5 years later and I am still adjusting!
My favorite pictures over the last 5 years.


Momma Fargo said...

He is the most handsomist (that is a word) cancer I have ever seen! Beautiful family.

Copyboy said...

Those are some priceless pics and one helluva story.

EnVii said...

i love your story! and he is a cutie.. i love love love that you called him your little cancer

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday little man! He is adorable =)

Girl I'd pop out 20+ kids to get rid of my cancer :/

I did the same thing while I was in labor but with Pepsi. I violently told hubby that if he ever wanted the chance to attempt to make another baby he's better give me a sip of Pepsi. 15 minutes later I was puking my guts out!! I always have to learn lessons the hard way!!

The Random Blogette said...

He is so adorable!! And that is one interesting story.

Come At Me Bro said...

Sweet pics!