Happy Hump Day!

Life As I See It

You know what day it is my lovlies!
It's time to let your naughty side out!
Share some of your girly secrets with us!
We won't tell!
Please check out the Hostess's and then link up your own Naughty List Post!

I'm ready to revel in my own Naughtiness:
1. My husband is a HUGE football fan. He even writes the blog The Monday Morning QuarterBack
so that he can gripe about things. And of course...he even has a few fantasy teams.
I like to keep it interesting since I have to sit through a ton of games each week.
Since we DVR all the games to skip commercials, I check the game stats
on my phone and then bet Seth what will happen in each play.
I've won all sorts of fun bets!!!
Shhh! Don't tell him!
2. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.
3. Now that I don't wake up with Caden in the morning, Seth gets him dressed and takes him to school,
I sleep naked almost every night. I love feeling the blankets and the air all over me!
There are mine! Where are yours?

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