Graves and my silly comments.

Born a Loser. Died a Loser.

YUCK! I hope that's not what killed him!

Yes. Yes you are.

Hey that poor dumfart died!

Their time expired.

Yeah...Probly not.

I had no clue!

Another way of saying I'M DEAD!


Sorry for your Loss, Loss.

Funny... I thought he died a long time ago.

Yuck. Probly!


See ya!

What the....?

Well that's why you're burried 6 ft under!

Ooh! Such a naughty little corpse!

Family of stiffs!

The last comeback!


I bet he was popular in College.

There was a wee man,
Who had a wee wife,
They had two wee children,
And a long wee life.

Yes, zees ees trouble indeed!

The lesson to learn here is that some people shouldn't hyphenate. And some should just change their last name all together.

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